Crescent Nebula

This image is composed with images taken with 2 different setups a 160mm and a 300mm newtonian.


ⒸJose Mtanous

The wide field was created using the 160mm Newtonian telescope and an Ha filter:


ⒸJose Mtanous

The image details are:

  • Telescope: Takahashi Epsilon 160
  • Mount: Orion Atlas
  • Camera: ASI 1600MC Temp: -10, Gain: 139, Offset: 21
  • 195x5min Ha subs
  • 64x10s per each RGB filter for star colors
  • Processing with Pixinsight

The Crescent area was captured with a 12 inch f/4 newtonian

NGC6888 Bicolor HaOIIIOIII with RGB stars

©Jose Mtanous.

  • Camera Atik 460Ex
  • 130x5min per NB channel Ha and OIII
  •  64x15s per each RGB channel for stars colors
  • Telescope 12 inch f/4 TPO
  • Mount Astrophysics Mach1


The Soap Bubble was capture with the 12 inch newtonian, this is a sample of a single calibrated 30 min sub:


ⒸJose Mtanous

For the composed image I stacked 40x30min subs of OIII

  • Camera Atik 460Ex
  • 40x30min for OIII
  • Telescope 12 inch f/4 TPO
  • Mount Astrophysics Mach1